2014 Update

A new year! A new city. A new workplace. A new blog-post. A new-

“Hold on!” you say. “That’s all well and good, but what about us? Following suit and waxing poetic in self-aggrandizing cyber-selfies is nice, but what about New music? New books? New audiofiction?”

A resounding replay from atop a mystic (and mist shrouded) mountain top thunders across the land — “YES!”

New music as well as new fiction with accompanying audio production are forthcoming!

And a huge THANK YOU to everyone that left feedback on Podiobooks, Soundcloud, YouTube, Freesound.org, iTunes, etc. I truley do appreciate all of the comments and positive feedback left and will do my utmost to continue to deliver more of what you have asked for.

Kind regards,
Keplar & Dar Qwynd