New album for 2017, The Wanderer is now available for purchase and streaming online at most major services!

Keplar – The Wanderer

1. Tendril
2. Cantiga 353 Variations
3. Memoriam
4. Nomadic Revelry
5. Tabur
6. Gathering: Parts I & II
7. Open Sea
8. Ballad
9. Dance of the Ouroboros
10. Cantiga 100
11. Vocare
12. Epilogue: Three Memories


Live Performances

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by to visit this past season of the Carolina Renaissance Festival! There were so many great moments and I met so many wonderful people – too many to mention 🙂 Thank you to each and every one one of you for making this such a great experience sharing my odd creations with you. Keep wandering till we meet again next year at Fairhaven Village! ~ Keplar the Wanderer

About Me

Hi! My name is Norman, and I am a musician, performer, and narrator specializing in electro-acoustic and other cross-genré works using various contemporary, folk/old-world, and electronic instruments. I currently reside in the Triangle-metro area of North Carolina with my wife/soulmate and beautiful daughter. I am currently performing live as Keplar the Wanderer at the Carolina Renaissance Festival, playing period as well as original works.

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