New album “The Hunter“ is out now. Available everywhere for digital purchase & streaming.

The Hunter
The Hunter

Beginning with “Daybreak”, a nameless hunter-seer is tasked with answering the call of an imperiled settlement. After seeking guidance throughout the two-parts of “Heavens”, the true trial begins with “Journey Toward the Rising Sun”. As the goal of the quest grows nearer, the hunter crosses paths with a traveler from “The Outer World” as the seams of reality have begun to fray in the remote wilderness. Three truths are revealed that threaten to unmake the world itself. With the object of salvation in hand, the quest closes on an uneasy note as the hunter returns, taking care to seal the paths left behind with “Salt and Stillness”.

  1. Daybreak
  2. The Call
  3. The Answer
  4. Heavens, Pt. 1: Align
  5. Heavens, Pt. 2: Uncertainty
  6. Journey Toward the Rising Sun
  7. The Hunter
  8. The Outer World
  9. Truths
  10. The Third Unmade
  11. Of Salt and Stillness

Live Performances

Keplar the Wanderer will be once again be performing live every weekend at the 2018 Carolina Renaissance Festival! Playing a unique blend of medieval, folk, and world-fusion ~ Featuring multiple instruments and a variety of musical traditions. The festival will run from September 29 – November 18th. Stay tuned for performance locations and times!

About Me

Hi! My name is Norman, and I am a musician, performer, and narrator specializing in electro-acoustic and other cross-genré works using various contemporary, folk/old-world, and electronic instruments. I currently reside in the Triangle-metro area of North Carolina with my wife/soulmate and beautiful daughter. I am currently performing live as Keplar the Wanderer at the Carolina Renaissance Festival, playing period as well as original works.

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