The Wanderer

Keplar – The Wanderer

New album for 2017: The Wanderer is now available for purchase and streaming online at most major services!

Following after 2012’s Ancestorism and having been written, re-written, and changed over the course of five or so years, The Wanderer is a fusion of old-world/medieval styles and contemporary sound design and textures. It’s fully instrumented featuring several songs previously only performed during live performances. With mandolin and lute at the forefront, this latest genre-bending work is equally at home dancing between the powerful rhythms of the old-world and lush ambient electronic textures.

Track List

1. Tendril
2. Cantiga 353 Variations
3. Memoriam
4. Nomadic Revelry
5. Tabur
6. Gathering: Parts I & II
7. Open Sea
8. Ballad
9. Dance of the Ouroboros
10. Cantiga 100
11. Vocare
12. Epilogue: Three Memories

Artist: Keplar
Album: The Wanderer
Year: 2017
Length: 38 minutes